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[Solved] T-eezY  

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Hope this is the clearest font cos this isn't bout the peers I've fought,
We made it this far with the fear of God, never ceases to bless me with tears of joy,
those tears of joy from the sounds of trumpets and violins,
memorial services, will these words be enough to voice out my denial's vehemence?
nearly thought the world is closing down on me when i lost my bro to the violence,
close to the limit of my endurance, 2 of my close friends died in that ambulance,
i was in there in one of them, broke my heart seeing a nigga with so much action totally actionless,
i wander by the assistance of amulets, the evil is among us tryna test our faithfulness,
to the most high,
childsplay doesn't involve shooting 4 5's or speeding Golf fives,
"I respect he who wrote rhymes about those who really lost lives"
nearly lost mine peeling those nines
short had to rush somewhere

Posted : 31/05/2019 8:08 am