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[Solved] Another Savage, Not 21 (Pt. 3)  

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Lil' niggas have a problem with a G, this other nigga wanna be the other me. He's trying hard but he's under me, like a bxtch on a nigga dick he a sucker b. Moving shxt thru fucking pipes, a fucking plumber G. I don't pay attention, roll a blunt blaze this ganja free.

Free my mind like a jailbird, my wings set me out. 29 may is a date, like this other bitch that I'm taking out. They can't keep up with the records that we breaking now, only if they understood plans we making now. Niggas posting to compete with us, that's heart breaking how? Same niggas that's talkin' dirt on our names be the same ones that see us and take a bow.

He knows and fucks with the music, but lil' nigga a virgin still. Wanna know how i play with the sharks, and run the building still? I'm a dolphin, the creature to save you from drowning in these flows, REAL. Like a God, if you against my will what do I do? Kill. Like the waters of the ocean, people appreciate and fear me still. Cause they know that when the Tsunami kicks, it'll be something different from sneakers.

I called myself a God back in the day, nobody made a sound like broken speakers. All my bars are mind blowing, like new Rapno features. Complicated like mathematics, nigga when the real ones are mentioned you don't make the count. Asshole you talkin shxt out your mouth, if it wasn't for me Youngin you wouldn't have been part of this clout.

My flow is the main attraction verbally too, you know I'm psycho i state facts i don't lie bro. I've been popping in text rap before you showed up yo, maintained my image everyone knows the name bro. To niggas like me, making sense matters more than those forced puns. Fly sharp shooters like 'em Airforce guns, bullets fly like birds but without wings. Causing harm to you so called kings, acting like you own things.



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