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[Solved] Cocaine (Freestyle)  

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Fuck with these bars, erection is when you see death cumin'. Representative of the south, made it sofa/so-far a couch. I'm in the air that you breathe, you clearly can't touch. In the dark i brought light, not a torch it's too much. Killin' quick with frees' I'm always on a rush, new shxt everyday so i always have to flush. Killin' rappers is what I like, my hommie call it crush.

Every line gotta be dope, this is for the crack heads. Every gift giving you hope, santa with a thousand beards. Hang you by the rope, if you have a death wish. In the hood they call me broke, but fuck a bad bxtch. My dxck would be full of shxt, if i butt fucked a bad bxtch. She sniffin' that white, and thinkin' that's right. I'm drinkin' that sprite, mixed with syrup, sippin' right. Small conversation with a crush is something biggy here bra, when my squad's around they know we run the buildin' here bra. 

Damn, I'm rusty as fuck, now that's sex between robocop and his cush. Man she lustin for fucks, what's next? Robocop givin' a fuck. Giving a fuck so much that he lost sperm tryin' to cum back home. 

No don't ask me how i know this, cause wherever he is right now is his new home.



Posted : 04/06/2019 4:37 pm
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Posted : 05/06/2019 12:47 pm