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I wake up in the morning, wash my body and face ,
I wanna take a step forth but still on the same pace.
My pen game is stupid, I'm on my feet i don't race.
I let my life inspire me, so i can write what I face.
Mpola is my hood, in this place, i was raised.


I dropped a day job and started to move drugs,
When i walk on the streets, my heart beat thugs.
I would like to own spiders, I seek bugs.
I don't have shxt but I wanna have it all,
I don't wanna die but I wanna risk it all.
I feel like I'm the weakest , everybody walking on me.
Dropping jokes about my life but it's not breaking me.
You people want me to do what you like, it's what you telling me?


God knows that music is the only thing that heals me,
I don't wanna do a thing, i think that kills me.
Nigga I'm lazy as fxck , but still blame it on people.
Growing up they laughed at me cause of pimples,
She's not a hot girls without dimples.
I don't believe in that, I've seen hot girls
Without all that.
Cannot drop my family I'm nothing without them,
I don't like enemies, like pimples i pop them.
I'm a bad guy like Michael Jackson, pop them.
I am number one, not top ten.


On a league of my own, write lyrics on my phone.
Untouchable when I'm flowin' ,
I listen to my God cause he knows where I'm going.
The rhythm is my heartbeat, I love what I'm doing.
I don't have an Album, or a mixtape.
I kept people waiting since the young age, i don't wanna work hard for a minimum wage.
I picked my phone up got tired of writing on the page,
You're hurting people around you, it's all rage.
Childhood friends still around in my old age.


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Posted : 14/06/2019 3:02 pm