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[Solved] Nase. . . Not So Nasty  

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How are we still doing this!?

Second take like there's been a fxck up on a movie clip.

I'm a tough act to follow you know I truly is, the kid ain't gotta prove his skills.

Stripes taken from the goons he kicked, enlistment came long after he was shooting clips.

Went from spitting extra hard to dropping foolish shxt.

Still parked in Rihanna's D.Ms, Jackin' off that branch/ class till his dxck is soft.

Chris better let her know she's still been stalked.

Hard white; Cum stains on socks, everywhere I go I'm shipping rock.

Been climbing slippery slopes like your girl's ass oiled.

Underneath a coloured BBW like I like being stuck in turmoil.

Bring troubles here's, make it double hell, fxck my humble self, I'm make em crumble well. Nxggas toast!!

I bring a bigger nine, many nxggas die, that's no fib or lie, nxggas mamas crying, I'll dxck that thot!!


They thought we'd tire, retire!? Boy this pen still fire.

Tool to lift your whole clique against your will, don't give Jack shxt coz I'm nuts son.

King of this NEW ERA, I crown with caps, double taps, wholes looking like the halo fell down your face.

Gun so big I struggle with control, like thank God I got a scope, the entry wound becomes a black hole.

One cap to your skull and the spine's disengaging.

I'm still a shark in the Nile, crocs bolt from this invasion.

The flow be raging, sparks fly where I'm at, Super Saiyan!!

Main blowing up my Cell, side piece be like "Go hun".

She knows her place, if she over steps I claw her face, chain saw the neck,  maime the corpse and dash.




Posted : 02/06/2019 1:43 pm
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Can't believe you still this fresh!!!

Posted : 02/06/2019 2:09 pm
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barz vro ?

Posted : 02/06/2019 3:44 pm
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Dankie gents. Been a while, looking to get better

Posted : 02/06/2019 4:54 pm