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[Solved] Not the same without (Freestyle)  

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Lost my father years ago, I'm not the same without. Brave enough my fears are gone, I have God and you know I'm not safe without.


Running laps dawg I'm pacing up, black skin nigga if the race card is up. Yall just disturbed me in my sleep, now the Gawd is up. Moderator does his job, yeah i guard this app. 


Snowy places are the coldest places, but don't compare to how cold Bonang's necklace is. Fxck it yall don't deserve these bars, you niggas is Ostrich like, cause your words are useless as your feathers. I don't post shxt up for rappers, this midget ass free serves you right like waiters.


Fxck it I'm outta here, i brought great action it's the last scene. Ain't no place for a sucker here, your thot sucked me dry my D is that clean. Get this sprite is how i dash lean, i cross nights and christians think it's christ here.



Posted : 13/06/2019 6:59 pm
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Lmao, fxck I'm posting again later. Might be a longer free, I'm kinda busy. 

Posted : 13/06/2019 7:02 pm