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[Solved] T-eezY  

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I'm purple swag wavy with these percocet 30,
Take a xan daily, po' prometh, dirty,
SA Travi$ Scott concert ragin',
These AF1's got high-end connect laces, what's that?
Never mind, mind I swerve off concept maybe?
Man the socials comments crazy,
Like "how he body a nigga that jot raps daily?",
I pop xans baby!! right now I clocked tans, edi's,
Those be edibles, rumors say i plunder, u think those be credible?
Remember i tol' that other nigga to put me on a pedestal?
Well i was already yellin that while i was up on that pedestal, incredible!
Bar 4 Bar?
Maybe you would, but a nigga won't square up without trying to go fo' angles
Try soccer maybe, but still won't be no mercy even if he comes at me with ten tackles (tentacles),
Meaning ya'll will never see this oke top us (Octopus),
Bro i ain't gotta beast mode, I'm high on pills,
My niggas right beside me rollin the loud, on T,
Crayon please!
Cos shit be looking like art when this weapon peals,
G Wagon dreams, the view, Hollywood displayed on hills,
The G Star denim exclusive, check the detail on this,
I sure prevail in this, don't I bro?
I got a gun so big, i pull it out and get a Don Demarco!!!

Fuuuuck these niggas don't wanna catch up, ya'll ran outta lettuce or something?

Im right for this, don't gotta write for this,
You stand up niggas, i carry 2 ninas, this pair a seat em all (paracetamol), vicodin!
Twitter bio linked? nah, it's checks over stripes forever!! i gotta freestyle for this,
Been violent, when i aim i put this thing on my bro shoulder and let it sing, check this violin,
Ha Ha Ha
Jokez on you, clown ass bitch,
Clout chasin'
Yowww my nigga Xpanded pass me the loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im outtttttt

xoxo ♡

Posted : 28/05/2019 6:55 pm