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[Solved] T-eezY  

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Trappin in fancy clothes till i get my wrist on AP froze,
I'm seeing these dirty hoes riding the wave of double styrofoams,
fuck ya'll tryna pet a lion home?
big gats, i carry one of those, them shits a fry your dome, fire flows,
tip a hollow in (Halloween) these kids, Michael Myres clone, the choppa sound louder than a rev'd up queue of tractors,
Kinda hard being myself in a world full of actors,
I'm no studio rapper or whatsoever, I'm on the skreets putting rounds on these squares like a game of checkers,
a lame won't test us, I'm worse than my local hommies,
This Desert Eagle spray formal warnings,
them shits will put Ash to the sky but i don't tolerate global warming,
Stay in the trees and po' some/possum of that dirty,
At the top of that bitch and game with the steel on my hand, u ain't shit to this up here when i snap,
what? should i put that on subtitles or something?
I said;
At the top of that bitch End Game with the Steel On My Hand, you ain't shit to disappear when i Snap!
Used to BronCleer with the gents, now we Phensedyl, cheers with the gents,
Used to oval shaped xans now we pop bars that got my vocals fucked bad,
Posts a viral thread from a valium head,
lines plane fire the mathematicians thought i burned down the spiral curve,
Breaking records don't mean no vinals smashed, we can't keep up like this,
This is beyond childish,
compared to me you're small dawg, stay away with your multi's (Maltese)

Posted : 05/06/2019 12:16 pm