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[Solved] T-eezY  

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Bad bitch on me
Bad bih on me, I'm iced up,
Bad bih on me, she like the gunplay
Bad bih on me, I'm iced up
Bad bih on me, get her iced up,
Bad bih on me, she pop too
Bad bih on me, she sips too
Bad bih on me, she smokes too!
rockin all Polo, she like how i Swerve on a Polo,
Bad bih on... fuck it I'm ridin' dolo


I got them atheists yellin "God, bless the nigga" with these priceless bars not for the free mode cos they don't get the picture,
I'm only here to cuddle, don't give a fuck nor raise a finger unless the nina beggin me to lace a nigga,
since MXit I've never been the one to be scared to face the Reaper, boy these fists replace a trigger,
that mean when i let them go a nigga face Lucifer, 2 ninas to your face, double beauty
revolver sparks, the bullet jumpin, the bitch a leap on ya like a couple smooching,
even if the machine faulty we never have a trouble shooting,
clown for these bad ass bitches, peep me juggle pussy,
i bodybag lames, it's not a choice, baggers can't be choosy,
when i go for the reign, no matter the weather your palace crumbles too king,
on gang! we won't hesitate to get your girl's current boo missed, on gang!
for now it's hearsay over the headlines that this boy got them over the head lines,
murk em all, i think i should be nicknamed "Supanova", the dead stars,
get it? i'm not expecting you new niggas to understand,
see i've never seen a stretch of a father's hand and turned out just fine, my momma's glad,
it's kinda sad, but fuck i grew up to be a gunner instead,
reload the nina, 9 in the extendo, get these fruits ate/8 like i was Adam's girl,
you wanna ride on my Blueprint too? it's a gift and a curse, I'm about to bring Jay's album back,
standin ovation, Nina boutta clap, new Replays on my feet make me dub a step,
Christopher Brown on these lames, AP with the baguettes, wrist overdrownin' these chains,
lean overdrownin this pain, it's not easy, we don't shift keys for fun,
you ain't liable to pack a gun dawg, even with sixteen pointers,
their spits been bogus, and they still claiming to shift T's focus,
nah man that nigga is simply horror
fuck outta here.

Posted : 06/06/2019 4:38 pm
Ashley Kubheka
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I like this mate

Posted : 07/06/2019 7:42 am