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[Solved] T-eezY  

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ironic how codeine phosphate got a dean coughin knowledge,
if i was to ask who wanna suck my dick, you'd be the one with the 1st "yeah" like u just got in college,
i'm at your funeral with the glock fif drawn mate,
you will vanish when i get the coffin door sprayed,
catch your soul while it elevates to heaven, the Dezzy devilish, it a take u out on your high like anti doping agence,
thotiana put that ass in reverse and not a single drop in my pants, i don't fuck with dyke bitches
when i'm not on the mic spittin i be getting the 4 set (faucet) and it keep spillin like the pipe leakin'
got the opps gossipin "you're a real 'G T, i' wanna ride along" come see the Golf 5 driftin,
we differ a lot, you wanna beat the best, i'm the best you wanna start beatin,
it ain't only just lyrics, we really bust blicky's while ya'll duffy duck spittin,
fuck gimmicks and all these hip hop art critics,
your time's up, New York Time Square, the big clock start ticking, the big glock start kickin,
the thing go BLAKAH, BLAKAH, your chest inside-out and all your insides missin,
niggas mad bout their declined disses, man get your shit together, sewerage site,
niggas claim i byte, yeah, the memory card storage type,
pushin rock but it ain't the stone age times, the glory's mine, the fo' fif' sparks,
it tear you apart after that pump put a hole in your stomach, lookin like a doughnut split,
the stick will lift you, pogo jumpin, shoot you to the moon, Nasa photography,
semi's I'm strapped with all those buddy, i pull all kinda machines from my coat, go go gadget,
i should give a nick to one of my cannons how they be wild'n out,
something like Maria, why? cos when the ting sings it carey you to sleep without a doubt,
why he talkin bout guns while we know he living lavish and keep bitches cummin,
you niggas thinkin funny, just cos i don't post pics with sigs it don't mean i ain't with the shit, in the hood that's self dry snitchin dummy.

they wanna ride the wave cos of them over the head lines, but they should stay true to they steeze
do as they please, don't try and go after the nigga popping at that time, maybe he was prescribed to take those pills.
caught up in your own feels, so obsessed nigga cloned Teez',
two-toned wrist, new clothes drip,
mac11 wimme, when it sprays dead bodies all over, nobody can get this counted (doscounted), it's a coupon gift,
look on the bright side, bullets will discard your (cardio) problems like a heart disease,
you'll feel like it's the 31st of december when you see so much sparks released,
I'm that wack ass text rapper u still can't defeat.
uninspired by these text rappers yaz


Posted : 07/06/2019 9:47 pm